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Are you looking to buy a VR device or have been looking to buy one but you thought the price was too high?

Well we have good news for you, for the next six weeks the price of the  Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch has has dropped, the Oculus rift + touch bundle sells now for $399 (USD) which is about $200 off the regular price. If you are wondering why the huge discount, well the reason behind it is lower than expected sales. Oculus is trying to promote the Rift in an attempt to boost sales. The device has been out for over a year and the company is trying to draw the attention of people who were considering buying the device but where not so sure about the price.

So should you go and buy one now?

There has been previous discounts to the price but not as significant as this one. previously we saw the Rift and Touch get a $100 discount respectively.  The $399 certainly is more appealing and with a significant amount of new content and games this seems like a no brainier.  However, you will still need to keep in mind that an Oculus-approved PC is required which can still affect the amount of money you’ll need. There are PC’s in the market for around $650 and even some gaming laptops have enough power to handle the Oculus.

According to Oculus VP of content Jason Rubin, “The PC is very quickly not becoming the expensive part of the VR equation,” he says. “And we want to make sure that the VR hardware itself isn’t an expensive part of the equation. So we’re headed toward mass-market pricing.”

You can buy it directly on the oculus website or order it from amazon.