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Lenovo’s new standalone VR headset the Mirage Solo was released for sale on Amazon on May 4th. Even though the release was met with skepticism by some who were not thinking about buying it mentioning price as one of the reasons, considering it was more expensive than Samsung’s recently released Oculus GO and saying things such as “you would be better off spending a little extra and getting an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive:. It has not deterred many who have ordered the device. In fact as of this morning May 5th it appears to be out of stock on Amazon. Even the combo package that includes the VR headset plus the 180-degree camera appears to be out of stock.

So far the early reviews are positive, A review of the device from TechRadar says  “There’s no doubting that Lenovo’s Mirage Solo headset is revolutionary for the mobile VR market in a few ways.


It provides a very good Google Daydream experience without the need for an expensive flagship smartphone (it has the innards of a modern Android smartphone powering it). You can experience virtual reality the way it’s meant to be experienced, with six-degrees of freedom (6DoF) thanks to its inside-out tracking sensors that let you move about the environment. It’s surprisingly comfortable, too, taking a few notes from PlayStation VR to make long VR sessions something that I’d actually consider doing from time to time.”

So where can you order the VR headset now?

Good news is, you can still order it directly on Lenovo’s website and it seems you can get an additional 5% on their website using the coupon code FIESTAFIVE

Being more expensive than the Oculus Go might make it challenging for Lenovo to convince people to buy the Mirage solo headset instead. Hopefully the fact that it sold out on amazon so fast is a good indication of future sales and wish Lenovo and everyone behind the creation of this headset all the best!