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Nothing is impossible when it comes to love, and now even being able to marry to your favorite anime character is a possibility thanks to virtual reality.and also thanks to Niitzuma LovelyxCation, the latest romance video game from developer Hibiki Works.

Nitzuma means “new wife” and the idea behind the game which was announced earlier this year is to let players court one of the three characters in the early part of the game, and then let the gameplay experience continue on into their blissful, physically affectionate married life after saying saying “I do” to either Yuki Isurugi, Aiko Kurihara or Nono Naruse.

vr wedding

 But the wedding that you see on the video It’s actually a pretty confident marketing stunt, given that the PC game’s release was back in April. Hibiki Works announced they were looking for people (grooms) interested in having a real wedding ceremony in a real wedding chapel.

Luckily there is not shortage of volunteers, and the first wedding happened over the weekend in Tokyo.


“So far we have made the version to let the customers experience a ‘romance’, let them know that a romance is nice,” Hibiki Works chief executive Hideo Ito said.”In this time, we want them to draw something out of ‘romance’, like getting married and having a family. “That was our challenge.”

So what it’s like to marry a computer? Groom Iwasa Ryo said “The ceremony was quite complete as I saw in the scene,” he said.”The visuals of the ceremony were almost the same as what I like; matching to my taste.”

Romance is a growing VR gaming genre in Japan, it will be interesting to see what comes next in this genre of gaming. Perhaps in the future someone might see Divorce VR ?