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Spatial is building an immersive workspace that allows multiple users to connect through AR and VR headsets, as well as support for non-immersive users connected by PC or phone. The app aims to turn any room into a collaborative, multi-user space with tools aimed at helping people work together even if they’re remote.

Spatial was founded in 2016 by Anand Agarawala (CEO) and Jinha Lee (CPO). Funded by some of the best firms in Silicon Valley including the seed investors in Uber, AirBnB, Zynga, iNovia Capital, Expa (founded by Garrett Camp), Lerer Hippeau, Leaders Fund, Samsung NEXT, as well as angels including Mark Pincus (Founder of Zynga), Andy Hertzfeld (Co-Inventor of the Macintosh), and Joi Ito (Director of the MIT Media Lab).

Some of their previous work includes project BumpTop (acquired by Google), and co-founder Jinha Lee was behind SpaceTop, a natural 3D interface prototype for desktop computing.

After being very quiet on social media for about 2 years, today they have announced the company has received an $8 million seed investment to build out its AR/VR collaboration platform.

Spatial will allow you to Meet with anyone, anywhere in the world as if you were in the same room. Your meetings will jump to life with spatial audio and 3d telepresence that feels like being face to face.

The application itself isn’t directly available for download at this point; Spatial is soliciting sign-ups for private invites as of today and says they’ll be increasing their user pool over time. Also, if you are interested in this product and the company, they are hiring!

The future is bright for this firm some people have already started to discuss if this app could be the next killer app for AR? Do you agree?