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In the early hours of October 5th an announcement has been made by Facebook, their AR Camera effects platform which was opened to creators this summer is changing, the name is changing, its now called Spark AR. The announcement said: “You heard it here first — a sneak peek for our community of creators! To reflect your passion of continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AR, we’re renaming the Camera Effects Platform to Spark AR.”


The link provided on the message takes you to a brand new website that contains samples of work done by different creators, tutorials, a link to the effects manager and a button to download Spark AR Studio, which is still only available for or Mac OS 10.12. or higher.



Another announcement was also made, and no, I know you are thinking, is it available for Windows? The answer is still no. The website only invites you to join their mailing list. The other announcement is actually about Instagram.

Facebook is accepting beta sign-ups for Spark AR on Instagram! If chosen those creators will be among the first to use Spark AR Studio to create and share AR experiences on Instagram. Go to  to complete the application if you are interested in signing up.

There might be some people disappointed the announcement didn’t include the release of a Spark AR studio version for windows but I’m sure there is going to be a lot of people happy to hear Spark AR is coming to Instagram soon! What do you think about the announcements? Let us know!